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Dental Surgeries Treatments in Hyderabad

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Dentists can only address some dental issues through surgeries. However, most people are afraid of it and avoid the needed treatment. With latest technologies and advanced equipments, our doctors are able to perform best dental surgeries with ease. A patient can opt for any Dental Treatment at the Best Dental Clinic in Raidurg Hyderabad that is fully equipped with world-class facilities.

Dental Surgery Methods

1. Tooth Extractions

In this method, to reach the patient's gum, dentists create an incision into it. Then they extract it. Tooth extractions often need general or local anesthesia.

2. Corrective Jaw Surgery

In this method, dentists remove the top spot on the tooth root to make it smoother. Moreover, they administer a local anesthetic to scrap out the tartar and plaque from the gum line.

3. Dental Implant Installation

This method is ideal for replacing missing teeth. Here, a dentist inserts a rod or screw surgically into the patient's jaw. They later attach a crown if needed.

4. Sleep Apnea Treatment

In sleep apnea treatment, surgeons remove the extra soft tissues responsible for blocking a patient's airways.

5. Bone Grafting

Dentists perform bone grafting when a patient needs an implant but lacks sufficient jaw bone tissues.


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