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The best Dental Implants In Raidurg are available at Bharath Dental Clinic. Dental implants are integrated into patients' mouths. This provides them with stable support while talking and eating. These are metal fixtures that are surgically attached to the jaw bone below the gums. The artificial teeth are placed on these. A dental implant mainly supports dental prosthetics like a denture, bridge, crown, and facial prosthesis. It can also be used as an orthodontic anchor. There are two major kinds of dental implants- subperiosteal and endosteal. A dentist considers a patient's shape and size of the jaw bone and health to decide the type of dental implants suitable for them.

The subperiosteal implants fit under the gum tissue and on the top of the jawbone. These implants then fasten into the jawbone through osseointegration over time.

Dentists insert the endosteal implants into the jawbone surgically. These implants are titanium cylinders or blades. After the surgery, the bone takes almost 4 to 6 weeks for osseointegration. After these, the surgeon places an abutment into the implants. The specialists for dental implants are oral maxillofacial surgeons and periodontists. In Bharath Dental, we provide the best Dental Implants in Gachibowli Hyderabad through our specialized dentists.


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